On a Dialogical Point of View of Matrices


  • Pierre Cardascia UMR STL Universit de de Lille3, Lille, France




Logic, dialogic, dialogue, matrices, formalism


Ordinary dialogical logic offers processing memory as a history of dialogues. Find a reference (justification) in this history is an ambiguous process (repetition), which can transform in complex or impossible issues the questions that compose a dialogue. Thus, two researches of justifications overlap in a dual problem of justification. In addition, this consideration of the memory uses a lot of technical resources.

We propose a dialogical formalism that solves these problems: double justification, composition, memory saving. To do this, we will develop "special" rules that will reconfigure the formalism and consider the metaphysical and philosophical concepts in this logical system and its interpretations.

This article is divided into three parts:

  1. A presentation of the dialogical framework oriented towards the presentation of the problem of double justification.
  2. A re-interpretation of this framework in terms of matrices: the logical formulas modeled on the linguistic and mathematical language reading are replaced by a concept borrowed from the game semantical approach.
  3. A brief summary of the new approaches presented by this method: reaffirmation of the clear separation between different levels of analysis and economy on the amount of memory required (complexity).


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